Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trying to Work Here

I'm still home with the icky. It seems to be (almost) mostly gone, but I'm still sticking close to my kleenex box and cough drops. Not fun.

So I'm working from my laptop a bit, but it's hard to be focused when my nearest inspiration is this purring ball of fluff being so cute and cuddly!

Spooky being cute More cute Spookyness
The couch pleases spook

Spooky's been quite friendly lately, when she feels like it. It's quite nice. She still jumps at the sound of the neighbors, but that's unsurprising as they're loud and unpleasant at times. I have a feeling that's why she's been wandering away so much, but I try to make home as nice for her as possible. She likes to sit with me while I crochet, and doesn't go after the yarn at all )_p'??/.,lllll

Oh, she just pointed out that my keyboard was taking up HER lap space! I think it's time for some kitty attention, and some more tea. I took care of the immediate deadline anyway.

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