Saturday, March 7, 2015

Camo Pants

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I started these camo pants last week, and was excited to be nearly finishing a project in a day. But something looked off, and if I had looked closer at the pattern, I would have seen that they're meant to be shorts! (view D) I thought they looked wide, but didn't realize how out of proportion they'd be when I just trimmed a little off the length to fit H.

So this is take 2. I decided to make the hearts in a slightly different fabric, and I like how they turned out.

When we picked out this fabric, H said "I love it!" And when I told him I'd make him pants, he added definitively: "and shirt." ...and he did this each time I talked about the pants. Now I'm not a HUGE camo fan, so the thought of pants and a shirt/jacket was a bit much...

So I thought I'd give this a try. I took the heart cutout from these shirts, and gave it to H to see if he liked it. Sold! I'll sew it on after the pants are done.

Here's my favorite way to sew a reinforced pocket in one go. You start with a short bit of zig-zag on one side, and then run a straight stitch on the outside around the three sides. Then do another bit of zig-zag, turn it around and sew the second straight stitch back.