Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Corset Boning Rack

This weekend I built something who's concept has been rolling around in my head for quite awhile, and finally found the time to put together.

The steel boning for my corsets wasn't very organized. I'd put rubber bands around the various lengths, but they'd always break or wouldn't go back on, and it was all very messy. So with two 9-foot lengths of 1-inch PVC pipe, some silver spray paint, and scraps of redwood, I built a rack for them.

This picture shows how I wanted it to look. I wrapped the tubes with painters tape and mashed them together with two boards. I had originally pictured two smaller cross beams, but I liked the look of the wider board.

Ta-da! I built the frame tightly around the bottom of the tubes, then added a floor, and two feet on the short ends.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Now everything's organized neatly and I can see what size boning and busks I have in stock.

Eventually I might paint the wood. I'm envisioning some corset-themed decoupage on the front.

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