Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Sewing Machine

I just finished topstitching my very first project on the new sewing machine!

I'm in love :)

My old Bernina has so far been a trusty machine, but I've had the motor re-built twice now, and I finally came the the conclusion that it's just not meant to be my main machine. I had been thinking about selling it, but other than being somewhat valuable, (in working condition, that is) it also has sentimental value- I made my wedding dress on it, as well as two others. So I packed it away for the time being, and started researching new machines.

I made a list of priorities, and decided I wanted a heavy duty, reliable machine. I nearly bought a straight-stitch-only Babylock, when I came across this one. It's also considered a semi-industrial machine, but has many decorative stitches as well.

Here's my sewing table all cleaned up and ready for it!

It's an Elna Quilter's Dream 7200 Pro, and it has an extended table which I've already put to use on the baby quilt for my little nephew. 

My favorite features so far, in no particular order:

  • A button that tells the needle to stop either up or down. Very useful.
  • A button that cuts the thread at the fabric. AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE this one.
  • One button bobbin winding.
  • Knee-lift for the presser foot. This wasn't included in the machine, but the shop is looking for one, or I'll buy one later. Looking forward to using it.

All of those things will be extremely helpful and help streamline my work. There are a few things I still need to get used to:
  • Digital screen - I know, I feel old-fashioned by saying this. It will grow on me :)
  • An electric button for reverse. I'm just SO used to a lever, and it feels more natural...
  • It goes very fast, which I like, but sounds like a machine gun :) I'll be looking for a better table, possibly the built-in one for this machine (or the Janome which I've heard also fits)

I'm off to sew some more, but I'll leave you with a bit of cuteness. This is our foster kitten Tipsy, who has a neurological condition that affects his mobility. But what he lacks in brainpower he more than makes up for in kitty love. He was acting playful as I was taping down the quilt, but when I picked him up he only wanted to cuddle. See his paws making air biscuits?