Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gardening Things

S&B was tonight, fun and mellow as usual. I'm working on a gift, so you don't get to see pictures yet. But here are some plants.

This is from a cutting of the geranium that Dad gave us. I'm really thrilled that it's taken off. Well, it's still really tiny, but it's still alive, and it's blooming for the second time. Hurrah!


The pepper plants got their new homes today. Well, pots that is. I'm glad they're doing well.

Potted Peppers

And my in-laws sent us something really cool that I've been wanting to do. They're living wreath frames, that you plant horizontal, and once the plants are established, you can hang on a wall/door. They sent two of them! I can't wait to get them set up :) Will definitely post pictures.

This isn't just a gardening blog though, really! Here's something I want to knit, the Tudora from Knitty. I like how it looks in the blue, but I'm not sure which color I'd want to try making it. I think something like that might work well on the motorcycle in the winter. I prefer the neck warmers that wrap around rather than pull over. And it's a knitting project even I might be able to finish!

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