Thursday, October 29, 2009

Frosty v1.0

But I'm not ready for winter/Christmas!

I know, but innt he cute??


This is my first snowman, about 8 inches high. The next one will have a better nose (no it's not a beak!), a top hat, and stick arms.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkins and Candy, oh my!

Been busy as usual, finally started making some fall/Halloween things, as well as starting in on Christmas stuff. (I know, trying to get ahead! And maybe even post things to my store)

The candy corn was a late night spur-of-the-moment idea. I didn't have the perfect colors, and even put them out if order! So that model became an ice cream cone thingy with a smiley face.

Model 2 is much better.

Apologies for the coffee shop lighting =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Showers of Showers

Well I guess "two" doesn't really count as a "shower," but anyway... Last week I went to a bridal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law, and helped put together a baby shower.

I didn't have too much notice for the bridal shower, but I made up a denim blue batwing shawl from my favorite pattern.

I guess I'm not as unpredictable as I might think. She opened the shawl, looked at me and said "This is from Kristen, isn't it?" =)

A friend is having a baby girl pretty soon, so we threw her a shower on Sunday. I made little pink and white coffee sweaters for favors, three of each design.

Then I wrapped them in tulle, and tied them up with pink yarn, as I didn't have any ribbon handy. I think they came out pretty well.

The hostess, who is a fabulous chef, made brunch with mushroom empanadas, two different kinds of frittata, and apple pie with caramel sauce for dessert.

I made lemon-chamomile shortbread, and maple-pecan oatmeal scones, both from Ezra Pound Cake. Here's a shot of the lovely table decorations, with the shortbread. And yes, it really is dangerously easy. I took the chamomile from a tea bag, and ground it up a little more in my morter and pestel.

I've been working on a couple gifts for the baby and the mama. Here's my friend C, modeling the scarf right after I finished it at our coffee night. She wanted to keep it, so I might just have to make another one :) It's this pattern in a bamboo yarn. So very soft! (you may have to sign up with Lion Yarn to see the pattern.)

Here's mom-to-be modeling the baby's lion terrycloth wrap. Really, it's more for a toddler than an infant. She can look forward to using it to make bathtime fun :)

And then I made a little lion toy to go with the wrap.

He's kind of permanently waving...