Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Shoe Bin Redo

Okay, so this isn't as much a craft project as it is simple organization, but I always love seeing a good before-and-after.

I also love finding a good solution that cost absolutely nothing, since I already had the shelves around the house.

This is our "shoe bin." It's an old cat tree that had been largely ignored, especially the lower level, which worked great for our two-year-old to put his shoes, until it got out of hand. Messy!

He's like: whoa, where did it go?

New shelves!

Much better! A place for shoes and jackets. (Also, look at that spiffy haircut!)

The top shelf, I've discovered, is a great place to put a stack of folded toddler clothes, all ready to be put on in the morning. Because I'm that organized now (har har)