Monday, September 1, 2008

Baby Pumpkin

I made this while hanging out with friends last night. I know that the leaf is not a "pumpkin leaf", but I thought it'd be cute on this tiny one.

Baby Pumpkin

See all those redwood droppings on our patio? Yeah, I swept that yesterday. Guess it was windy last night! Hello, September :)

Also you can see my straggling lavender plant. I need to move it to the front yard with my other two, so it gets what passes for sun around here. The plant on top is catnip, trying to be out of reach of the kitties. Although they don't show much interest in the fresh stuff, so I'll be drying it once it gets bigger. The planter box is the one I made from our old futon, with the mushrooms from my mother-in-law, and the newly-planted society garlic on the ends, to try and keep the deer away from my plants.

What really needs protection from the deer is my poor little jasmine plant, but I can't bring myself to plant something garlicky next to it, since I want to enjoy the scent too.

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LeRuosse said...

made this… last night

soooo typical :) Signed, eldest bro