Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coffee Cozies and Baby Gifts

As usual, I've been busy. Here's a quick snapshot of some current projects.

Last weekend we had a volunteer appreciation party for those of us that foster and/or volunteer their time to find homes for kitties, and I made some coffee cozies as party favors. Our group's color is purple, so I lined each one with purple. It was lots of fun picking out the cat-themed fabric!

Speaking of cats, here's one of our current fosters, named Long-Stripe Todd. He's a cutie :)

Awhile back I'd made a baby blanket for a friend who had a little boy earlier this year. I used a cotton-acrylic blend, which works up nicely.

So recently I got to finish the OTHER part of the gift, a cream colored super-soft bamboo teddy bear, and a matching hat with bear ears.

By the way, my doll's nightgown was made by my mom. I believe I had a matching one once upon a time :)

And lastly, here's the current state of my front garden. I'm gradually clearing back the weeds at the end of the yard, and doing useful stuff with the dirt. So far I mostly have lavender... I love lavender! Plus it grows well here, and the deer don't eat it.

The futon planter box has a lemon balm in the middle, and a rosemary on the right. On the left is a newly replanted calla lilly bulb which I hadn't seen for awhile. Fingers crossed that it survives. The white planter has a lilac in it, and you can also see my newly planted orange and lemon trees! (Also Casper keeping watch over things)