Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thrift Store Finds

My friend V and I went out shopping at some thrift stores today. She's looking for pieces of a steampunk outfit, and I was looking at sweaters. I found an article recently about how to deconstruct, wash (and dye) wool from sweaters. So of course I want to try it. I found this one, which is a pale lilac, and 70% lambswool, 20% angora rabbit, and 10% nylon. The cabling is pretty, but it's way too small a sweater, so I want to take it apart and make something else.

Wool/angora blend

My camera battery is currently dead, and I can't find the charger, so these are from my phone. I could borrow my husband's camera, but that requires more effort, so I'll deal with poor quality to show these off right now. The color isn't nearly accurate. I'll take better pictures when I start pulling it apart. It isn't spotted or stained, the photo quality is just that bad.

Then I found these yarns at the dollar store for, yep, $1 a skein. Spook is doing a quality check.

Spook inspecting the new yarn

The ribbon yarns are Lion Brand, and I'm happy to report that I got them for 1/6th of the normal price. The autumn ribbon I'm going to try and make a top of some sort, maybe knit. I got 9 skeins. The blue ribbon I got 4 skeins of, and I'm going to try a shawl with a big hook. The eyelash yarns I got to make this dog. I guessed from memory and got 9 skeins each, but I may go back and get a bit more red, as they're only 50 yards each. Hmm, now that I look at that pattern I see it's more square than I thought. I may modify that and make the body rounder.

Oh, and I've joined my old clay studio again. I was trying to take a ceramics class at the local JC, but the class got canceled for lack of attendance, even though the attendance level was currently 1 person short of the number of working wheels. I wrote a letter to admin and told them I'm very disappointed and never coming back. The studio costs a bit more, but I know it's worth it. Plus it's on my way home. They have a workshop coming up on fall decorations, and the model pieces are gorgeous =D

Btw, the geranium I posted recently just got eaten by the deer. Maybe it'll come back if I move it out of reach. Grrr. They also ate my "Taxi" yellow tomato plant.

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Biiku said...

on the topic of steampunk: did you hear that's baycon's theme this year? apparently they're thinking really big this year, and want to decorate the whole hotel, not just the reception and dance halls.