Monday, September 1, 2008

Black Fiberfill

EDIT: Apparently they're now out of business. This makes me sad :( Please see my
updated post.

I finally found a company that sells black fiberfill! Even when I crochet something really tightly, if it's dark, then inevitably some white stuffing pokes through.

I have some on it's way here right now, and I can't wait to use it. I wish my local stores carried this stuff.


Debi said...


My Mom does crafts and she is having a heck of a time finding black fiberfill. Your site came up as I was searching for it for her. PLEASE drop me a quick email with where I could find the fiberfill for her. She would be SO happy and surprised.

Thanks in advance, Debi

wyngdlyon said...

sweet!!!! I didn't even know that stuff existed.

Anonymous said...


I was also wondering where you found the black fiberfill! I'm knitting a couple teddy bears with dark fabric, and the shaping is going to cause white to poke through.