Monday, January 11, 2010

Sourdough Gets Better

First off, I saw not one but two gorgeous sunsets tonight. One I captured in town with my iPhone, wishing I'd had my slr on me. After it went grey I headed up the mountain and got to see the rest of it, which was just as stunning, but with more gold than pink.

I was given an Amish Friendship Bread starter before Christmas. Never having had one before, I did a little research. Long story short, I just cannot get past the instant pudding mix, nor the _cup_ of oil.

Not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I decided to try something else. I fed it like sourdough for awhile, and then started baking. I've made pancakes that were pretty tasty (imho.)

The first loaf was tasty, and rose well in a glass loaf pan. However, it wasn't very sour, more like traditional white bread. The second loaf I tried flat on a pan, and didn't give it enough time for a second rise, so it's not very tall. But it's tasty, and finally has the distinct sourdough flavor.

In the backround is loaf 2, and in my hand is a small third loaf. I made it half whole wheat, ground in my blender. It's very coarse, maybe too much so. I may be looking for a small wheat grinder soon....

Here's hoping it bakes well!

After I get this kitten off my lap, I can go finish my chores for the evening =)

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