Sunday, August 31, 2008


Yesterday I made up these pumpkins. I'm not quite ready to go all-out autumn yet, but I'm getting there. I just finally got a metal wreath-hanger to replace the plastic one that broke, so our spring/summer wreath is finally back up on the front door. I think it needs some display time before being replaced.

Pumpkins 1

The top left variegated one is done in Vanna's Choice "Tangerine Mist" with this pattern, with some modifications. I made it shorter by 3 rows, and pulled the 8 strands of yarn tight around it. The interesting thing about the yarn is that any given piece has both colors on it, as it's dyed lengthwise, rather than in strips. I like it.

The leaf was done from a book I have called Crochet Bouquet, but there are similar leaves here. The curly bit is just a chain with sc across, and occasional decreases. The other difference in the pattern is that I do my dc decreases differently, as I do a second yarn over before the second half, like this:

*yo, insert hook in next stitch, yo and pull back through, yo and pull through 2 lps* repeat between * once, yo and pull through through all 3 lps.

Maybe the pattern missed it, or maybe I just do them differently, but that works in my head. Like building the bottom of the two dc separately, and then connecting the tops. But anyway...

Pumpkins 2

The littlest pumpkin was done in Lion Brand Jiffy, and using this picture for inspiration. The far right one was done in Homespun (loves the homespun), and done semi-freehand in Amigurumi style, but with double crochets. I may add a brown curly vine and either a brown or green leaf.

Speaking of orange, here is a picture of Spook from March. The sunlight caught her eyes just right. I have not altered the colors at all.

Spook Stepping Out

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