Friday, August 22, 2008

Fuzzy Hearts and Mini Gardens

While A was out of town I decided to make a heart to give him. I think this turned out fairly well, and it was quick, too. The circles you start with made me think of pasties =) The pattern is here. I extended the point a little bit, because I like my hearts that way.

Crochet Heart

The stone bench and bird bath are for another project down the line. I picked them up on our honeymoon, because I had been inspired by Little Landscapes, and want to try making one at some point. I want to put something in the bird bath to make it look like there is blueish water in it. Some kind of resin? And just now while searching for that site, I came across this fairy garden site, which looks like it has some cute stuff.

I'm not quite ready for bed yet, had too much tea today. I'm tempted to start a New and Exciting project, but I'm going to restrain myself and work on the sweater, because I want to finish something.

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