Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Other Tension-Setter

Our older cat, Marmalade, doesn't like any toy that is too noisy (bells) or too in-her-face (feathers), so pretty much her favorite toy in the world is yarn. Other than a catnip pillow, of course ;)

And she always wants to play with my active yarn. I've made her little knotted yarn toys, but she loses much interest once it's detached and dead. So last night I took some completely separate yarn and looped it in my left pinky, so it moved with my work.

She totally fell for it =)

Marms helping me crochet

Then she sat on that yarn and purred contentedly while I crocheted.

I have conquered the yarn

I like having the cats around while I work on stuff, so finding ways to distract them from my active yarn is quite important.

Last night I started cataloging our DVD collection on my iPhone, to avoid us getting any more duplicates, because I can never remember what we have. I got through "C"

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