Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gardening Hopeful and Works in Progress

I got these cute and tasty little sweet bell peppers at Tr. Joes a couple weeks ago, and used them in sausage pizza with whole-wheat crust (which was tasty, btw.) The peppers were only a couple inches long, and I liked the idea of tiny peppers, so I decided to try and grow them from the seeds. My fancy expensive greenhouse is a berry container.

And they finally started sprouting! They're just tiny right now, but I'm optimistic. Look carefully, and you'll see two tiny sprouts.

Pepper Sprouting

Here's a sweater I'm crocheting from this pattern. I really like the stitch, which was difficult to see in the pattern's picture, and I like the sleeves on the sweater. I just used some acrylic cheap stuff I have lying around (I have TONS of that yarn), so I'm not too keen on the feel of it. I'm undecided on the stripe pattern, though I love the lighter oatmeal yarn. I think I'll lower the neckline, and just make it a sweater-tank. I got some lovely tan/chocolate bouclé which I think I will try and make into the full sweater for this fall. I do like the stitch though, and it makes up pretty quick.

Sweater In Progress

I'm trying to phase out our plastic shopping bags, as I really don't like them. Paper is more bulky / risky for tearing to carry on the motorcycles, so we usually get plastic. I'll probably end up making some in cloth, but I thought this pattern might work well for groceries or carrying lunch. I didn't have much cotton yarn lying around, so again I tried making it out of the Red Heart "super saver". The bottom is really thick and stiff, so I modified the pattern quite a bit. I not only made it bigger, but I started doing the sides in double-crochet, not single. Then I thought it might be nice to only have the bottom part solid, and the top part mesh. I'm also going to make the handles wider and more shaped. Notice the appropriate green, also my favorite color ;)

Paperless Bag

Ugh, flash. The lighting isn't great in my bedroom, which is my favorite place to lounge and work on stuff.

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