Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quick Update

I must learn to knit better, if only for this reason: Wisteria. My jaw is on the floor right now, that is so gorgeous. And these colors are very inspiring.

The oatmeal/tan/black sweater is coming along nicely. I finished the front last night. I decided to do a V neck instead of square, since I think it's more flattering. I think I'll put short sleeves on it after all, if I don't run out of yarn. Now I'm starting on the back, and I don't have to make up the "random" strip anymore, since I'm just copying the front. Whoohoo!

The peppers are still growing well, and several more have popped up. It's almost time to transfer them to their own pots.

I realized that I'm going to be paranoid about things I'm making for Christmas or other presents, just in case someone receiving one reads this ahead of time. So if all goes well, I should have a bunch of posts to catch up on in January. I'm optimistic about that :) Maybe I'll get the Wisteria pattern for January as well, since I'll want to make that for me.

I've signed up for a ceramics class again, wheel throwing. I was looking at my fruit bowl at the office, which had a date of 2001 on it, and decided it's been too long since I've played with clay. I may even be inspired to set up my own wheel again.

*gasp* no pictures in this post! I'll make up for it next time.

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