Friday, January 9, 2009

The Work Begins

Last night I went over to the new place, to get it ready to paint this weekend. I started off all optimistic, with a goal of:

- Pulling off the baseboards and trim in the craft room
- Washing the walls
- Laying down plastic and taping off the walls
- Sanding the boards
- Priming the boards

But since I arrived at around 8, and since the baseboards were increasingly Difficult to get off, I trimmed down my expectations one-by-one, and in the end settled for pulling off all the baseboards and trim. My rationalization is that it would have been a bad idea to sand the boards inside anyway, especially when we're painting this weekend, and that the boards can be painted outside and then put back after Sunday, when the big haul is happening.

Here's the craft room "before," as I've taken all but those last two boards off. See the dark wood? Not so exciting. The walls will be a very pretty sage green, with white trim.

Craft room, before

I was there by myself until almost 11pm, and even though I was being very careful, locking the doors, etc, it's still a new neighborhood and a big empty house. So I did a double take a couple of times glancing down the hallway. I'm sure I'll get used to the stove though :)

Down the hall

And here's the big pile o' metal that I pulled off the trim.


This reminded me of a habit I'm trying to work on: finishing something completely before I move on to the next thing, or part of thing. Like not leaving any nails in the boards to get out later, since that was the difficult part. Tetanus shots anyone? Or on a more dangerous level, not leaving loose threads to weave in until the end of a yarn project. I always do that.

After the craft room last night I thoroughly cleaned the living room wood paneling and hardwood floor. I love Murphy's Oil Soap, but after 3 buckets full and 45 minutes, I was ready to be out of there.

The only injury sustained so far was when I tried to lift the blinds in the craft room, and the whole unit came crashing down and hit my knuckle. I was going to replace them anyway! (the blinds, not the knuckles)

And my husband's doing his share of the work, also. He stayed with the plumber yesterday so I could go to work (yay for working toilet!) and re-fit one of the doors with our shiny new lockset.

I'll probably be doing pictures from the phone for awhile, since it's faster to upload. I'll save the nice shots for the finished project. Although, really, that's an oxymoron for a house...

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