Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a strange place!

Day 4 of my bizarre captivity. Though I can see the outside, I've discovered there is definitely no easy way out at this time, though Mom and Dad disappear occasionally by way of a hole in the floor. I can't begin to imagine what terrors lurk down there.

Thoughts of the horrible crate ride still haunt me, though I try to block it out by tearing around the place as fast as I can. It really helps. The smells are all wrong here, but I've discovered that I can get lots of pets with loud purring and looking cute. This is New and Exciting.

The good news is that the daily gooshy food still exists here. They're making me use the litterbox again, though. I miss the outside.

Marms is taking this whole ordeal very quietly. She seems content with her gooshy food and napping in her bowl. Not me!! There's some kind of pathway at the very top of the living room, and I've been trying to reach it, but no success yet. The whirly round thing in the middle of the ceiling is weird. So far it hasn't attacked us, but I haven't ruled out that it may try.


There I am next to my bowl, aren't I cute?? Marmalade wouldn't pose with me. She said to stop acting human. Hah.

Later! I'm going to go stare down the dungeon hole some more. I think I saw something moving earlier. Then maybe I'll get a nap so I can stay up all night. What a day!

Btw, Mom doesn't know I can type, so just keep that hush-hush, k?


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