Monday, January 19, 2009

Pretty Things

Home is officially Home now that we have a net connection. But my desk isn't set up yet, because first I have to paint the ceiling, and then I can unpack the desk and the boxes.

The cats are just starting to explore the spiral staircase. Up until now they'd watch us going down with a look of complete horror, but wouldn't step foot on the stairs themselves.

This weekend I got Spook to step down a couple steps with treats and toys. She'd come down a couple, get the prize and head straight back up. All the while she'd be purring and acting very curious and cute, but it took some coaxing to convince her that the stairs weren't going to fall away under her. However, this morning they were both going all the way down and back up. Marmalade is a little more unsure of the steps, but she is a little older.

Every kitchen needs some daffodils. I can't wait to start a real garden...


My new commute is very lovely. I stopped off at a vista point along the way last week and got this picture. Gorgeous views on one side, and redwoods on the other.

View from my new commute

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