Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick House Update. The painting begins!

Things I learned this weekend:
  • Friends that help you move are awesome. We got all the furniture and most of our stuff completely moved over yesterday.

  • Friends that help you mask and paint are also awesome, and it's more fun to do with others.

  • Masking takes longer than the actual painting does.

  • When painting around the top of a small room, go clockwise if you're left handed, and pay attention when you reach the beginning. (I wanted a green right hand anyway) Learned the hard way.

  • When painting a VERY small room, don't back up. Just don't.

  • When painting the ceiling with a long rod, to make sure you don't paint right above your eyes, do a back-and-forth dance, but make sure you don't step in your paint. Learned the easy way this time.

  • Smaller rooms generally require more masking.

  • Paint rollers get heavier over time ;)

I don't have pictures yet, because there are still boxes everywhere, and furniture up on end. But we spent our first night in the new place last night. Moving over the cats was interesting. We got the little one in her crate (finally), and I carried Marmalade. She did alright, but she started panting half way there, and acted a bit stressed out (She hasn't been in a car in two years).

Hopefully they're settling in today. My husband stayed home to meet the plumber, who's going to fix the pressure regulator. The city water pressure is extremely high, and it seems to be putting a lot of stress on the pipes. After that, our project list is fairly long, but fortunately nothing as urgent as the plumbing.

A funny thing happened yesterday. We were planning on replacing the bathroom sink at some point because the faucet leaks, and the whole unit is generally pretty icky. We noticed that a house two doors down had a beautiful pedestal sink sitting out front with a "free" sign on it. So my husband walked down and met our new neighbors, and came home with a new sink! We'll have to do some tile and backsplash work, as well as replacing the floor at that point, but I'm looking forward to planning it all out.

The kitchen, living room, hallway, bath, and my craft room all got painted this weekend.

I'm very much excited about the craft room =)

I'll update once I have pictures to show. We'll have the net connection moved over on Friday.

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