Thursday, October 9, 2008

Clay and Crochet

While at the Autumn clay workshop last weekend I started some leaves. The ones on the left are definitely thick enough, if they get handled properly before being bisque fired. Some of the others are too thin, and while they'd be cool when done, they may break before hand. These will all get a simple iron oxide treatment, which should show off the details wonderfully. (the note is to the kiln handlers explaining that I realize I made them too thin, so they don't stress out when they do break)

Clay Leaves

Then I went back to the studio to start some big cylinders and try a little more slab work. I wanted to do a bowl/tray of some sort, and was looking around the studio for a nifty texture to roll into it. I ran across this cotton doily, done in fillet crochet. Whoa, combining two hobbies?? So I rolled it into the slab

Crochet and Clay

and dropped it into the bowl form.

Crochet and Clay

I should have returned by now and pulled it out, but it's probably ok since it's shrinking away from the bowl. I plan to go by tomorrow and check on all my stuff. I've also started a notebook to keep track of everything, and record what glazes I use, etc.

Tonight I went by the coffee shop, but since I didn't get a confirmed "yes" from anyone, I shouldn't have been surprised when nobody else showed up. But I still had a good time sitting there crocheting with my chai.

I sewed up the sides and started putting the sleeves on this sucker, which hasn't seen the light of day in awhile. There's just a narrow band on that right side, but it's close to being finished! I might do a black border around the neckline, but I haven't decided yet.

Partial Sweater

Oh, and I'm also currently a brunette. This is the most drastic change I've done (I get teased for perfecting the "half-a-shade-different" temporary dye jobs), but I figure having short hair is the perfect time to play around with it. I'm still planning on changing it a little bit more before I grow it out and go back to red.

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