Friday, July 31, 2009

Back Home

We just took a 6-day vacation to go out east and visit family, which was quite enjoyable.

I actually ran out of yarn... I underestimated how fast I'd work through this stuff. My mother-in-law knew right where the local Michael's was, however, and solved that =)

My summer project (one of) is coaster sets. I made 26 coasters on the trip, some of which are below. Spook looks absolutely delighted, I know. It's because I'm not paying attention to her ;) the yarn is cotton, and these are headed to my shop at some point.

Underneath those is my "me" project. I feel delightfully indulgent making something that I'll keep for myself. This is a lightweight shawl to keep at the office when the AC is too high. This one is acrylic, and next I'll make a winter one in wool. I made half of it on the trip, and that's also because I ran out of yarn.

I'm posting this from my iPhone as my main hard drive is in the process of being replaced. The other night I was about to upload this when it went kaput. Hopefully I'll be back up and running soon

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