Sunday, March 22, 2009

What I Did This Weekend

I feel pretty accomplished right now. I prepared half of the week's meals, and planned out most of the rest. That's two lunches and three dinners, done! I also cleaned most of the kitchen, which I've been procrastinating on. I thought about starting to paint the cabinets this weekend, but the sheer number of in-the-works projects right now made me re-think that.

I finally got my spice rack installed!! And it's completely occupied. One day we'll have a garden window and I can have plants in it too.

Then I installed the wheels on my rose bucket and planted the rose. I figured having it up on the deck might make it a little less tempting to deer. We'll see how that goes. I was hoping to get a Mr. Lincoln rose, as that's what I had once before, but I came across this one, and decided to try it. It's Legends, which is also a deep red and fragrant rose.

Our bathroom window felt a little bit blah, not to mention the fact that it faces the street, though on the second story. The window is in the tub/shower, so we couldn't put a curtain on it. Voila, flowers! I think it'll look really nice once the white ones start draping (I don't remember what they were called.) Plus this is a "before" shot for the outside of the house. We'll be painting it this summer, what my husband calls a "good east-coast blue." I can't wait.

A friend mentioned she might want me to make a shawl for her, so I started experimenting. This is a pattern I made up, loosely based on the shawls I made for my mother and mother-in-law this Christmas. It's heart shaped right now :)

The other day I was at the Capitola Mall right before it started raining, and I snapped this lovely view. Ah, spring rain!

Soon I'll go relax before bed with some crochet, but right now I'm not allowed in the bedroom, as my husband is painting it. I can't wait to see the finished product, as I think it's going to look awesome.

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