Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Towers of Yarn

The craft room just got a new awesome addition: yarn towers! See, we got these at Ikea, originally for our pantry storage, but right after I put them together and started filling them, I realized it wasn't going to work. Anything heavier than a couple pounds bent the mesh downward, causing the drawer to hit the one below it. I was so irritated I walked away from it all for a few days. Then we came up with a new solution for it. Yarn! I just unloaded one box of yarn, and here's what I have:

Top to bottom: Thread/cotton, red acrylic, "misc.", wools, wool blends, Homespun, neutral acrylics, blue & bright acrylics, and baby yarn (lower shelf still empty). And I still have a whole tower to fill, which is good since I have another box plus some miscellaneous stuff lying around. I'll FINALLY be able to see all my yarn and actually find it again! I'll do a better job of sorting it all out once I find the rest of it...

And here's some cuteness.

Marms is very happy to have her sofa available, even though it's still surrounded by boxes. Spook was lounging in my lap in bed last night while I was doing some late-night crocheting.

Which is what I think I'll go do right now.

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