Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going Green

I've always tried to, as they say, reduce-reuse-recycle, but lately I've been more serious about it.

My main focus right now is the groceries. Not only picking them up from the store, but packing lunches every day. I don't like the typical "lunch bags," and so we've been using the regular plastic grocery bags. Which is great, but they only get reused once, then tossed, and if used more often, they tend to shred. Also, I've been running out of them, as lunch happens more often than grocery shopping.

Here are the items I'm trying to focus on:
  • Grocery shopping - make fabric bags
  • Produce - make small tulle bags with drawstrings
  • Lunch bags - make fabric bags with velcro/buttons to close for travel
  • Snack bags - switch from ziploc baggies to something reusable
  • Tupperware alternative - ?
I like packing up snack things in serving-size containers, but I don't like wasting ziplocs, that are one-time-only. I might try little fabric bags that can be tossed in with the wash.

I'm also learning that I just don't like tupperware. It's hard to clean, and hard to remember to bring home. I'm still figuring out alternatives for main dishes... I'd love to have that list down by the end of the summer.

And finally, here is the requisite apple grove shot. The third one is no more, but these two seem to be doing well, even though the left one seems a little tall and scrawny. I still get teased: "Are they ready to pick yet?"

+ dragons =)

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