Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lunch Totes

I finished the handles for my little sock yarn lunch tote!

Isn't it cute?

I was very happy with how it turned out, so I made another with cotton/acrylic worsted weight yarn leftover from a baby shower gift.

This is one of the first projects where I've mixed fabric and crochet, and definitely won't be the last. I have to do some fine tuning for the handles, but then I'm hoping to put these up in my craft booth. That's right! I'm getting ready to sell my things in a holiday craft fair. Check back in six months or so for an update on that =)

Halfway through sewing the fabric on the sock yarn tote, (the color is called "clover") my sewing machine started jamming. I had to disassemble the needle portion to get it moving again, but I'm afraid I didn't put it back together exactly how it's supposed to be. Good thing the Bernina just came back from having its motor rebuilt! Eventually I'll have two machines that work, at the same time.

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Rebecca Flys said...

This is a great project. Do you do tutorials? I love to crochet and sew...tutorial me girl!