Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Scarf and Fingerless Mittens

I made these for my friend M, who's birthday was last week. The fingerless gloves were the original project, and then I decided I had enough for a scarf. Well, I had enough to start a scarf, so I went back to the shop for some more. Could have been dangerous, but I was in a hurry, so I only walked out with the two skeins I came in for!

Scarf and Gloves

The pattern is taken from here with some modifications. The black I did normally with the single crochet and bobbles, and the purple I did in a half double crochet to make sure it didn't get lost, but didn't add too much height.

It's funny that when I just looked at the pattern to give the link I see they have since added a version 2, with ...wait for it... black and purple!

It's totally different than these, and I like it also.

Scarf Close-up

The black is half llama and half wool, and the purple is baby alpaca. The purple is a little bit softer than the black, but I like them both together. The people at the yarn shop liked my scarf pattern (a simple sc-dc with a huge hook), and they were surprised that I was putting two slightly different weighted yarns together. It works for me anyway. What, rules?

(yes, yes, I know, gauge is important...)

Here's M modeling her present. She liked them :) Incidentally, her cake was black and purple as well, and we didn't plan that.

M Posing with her new fuzzies

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