Sunday, November 9, 2008


Last weekend was busy, and I realized I forgot to post my costume! This was originally my office costume, and I decided to keep if for the evening, adding orange painted claws (instructions here.)

Happy Halloween!

The mane is made of the extra artificial hair leftover from when I had braid extensions. I took 8-10 inch sections of it, and looped it around some stretchy round elastic made for jewelry. I added some bright orange Homespun yarn, and fluffed it all up with a brush. The wrist tufts are just yarn, around the same elastic.

I wish I could show the picture of my cubicle, but it's on my camera. And sadly, my camera has decided to wander off. I'll be happy when I find it again. The lion idea first came from the office, because my cube is on a main walkway, and people tend to tap the glass as they walk by. I've joked around that I feel like I'm a fish, or that I'm in a zoo... so I printed up bars, and taped them to the glass along with a brassy antique-looking framed plaque which read "Please do not taunt the lion!"

I added the claws for our evening out with friends. They were quite a challenge, but it was fun! At one point I was trying to pull the paper off a cupcake, and my friend C took pity and unwrapped it for me. They were also quite strong, and could give great back scratches, and also probably do harm, though I didn't test for that.

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