Monday, January 12, 2015

Brown Fisherman's Sweater

Happy new year!

After knitting a toddler sweater for H, I decided to make one for me. I used his sweater as a guide for gauge, and made adjustments as I went along.

Overall it's not too bad! One of my main goals was to have sleeves that aren't too short, and I definitely got those. I crocheted the edges at the wrist and neckline, and machine knit the ribbing at the lower edge.

I like how my little guy photobombs me as he's having a snack: "whatcha doing, Mom??"

It's so warm, and not too itchy if I have a shirt under it. And there's his sweater, which is a little too big, next to mine. He calls his an "owie sweater" and won't wear it. I'll make one with softer yarn next time :)

My cat Dragon, however, approves.

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