Friday, January 27, 2012

Bobby Pin Control

Now that I have short hair again, the bobby pin is my styling tool of choice. The problem is when they end up all over the place, and specifically not where I expect them to be when I need them.

Here is a simple solution. Drop a small magnet into the bottom of an Altoid tin, and voila! A pin corral.

For the truly lazy, the pins also stick to the outside of the box.

This one lives in my car. In the morning I don't have time to straighten my hair, so I towel dry and pin it flat. When I get to the office it's nearly dry, so I put the pins away in this nifty little box.

Last weekend I had a great sewing session with a friend who's learning corsetry. She's making her third corset, and doing a fine job. I worked on a couple small projects, including a handy trash bag for the car (prototype is done and ready for testing, but not for pictures,) and this cute little crochet hook bag.

Or pencil bag :) It just needs a zipper pull and it's done.

I had this post typed up last weekend, but was having issues with BlogPress, the app I use for posting. I had to reinstall it, so here's hoping it works again.

And finally, here's some Mouse cuteness from the weekend.

- Mobile post -

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