Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crochet in the Car

The other day my husband and I carpooled into work. It's a little under an hour each way, and I usually bring crochet that I don't have to watch too closely, as it's a very curvy road.

On the way there I made most of a water bottle tote, but then on the way back I got the idea to try washcloths.

I thought rather than a flat one I'd make it 3D, kind of like a loofah.

It turned out ok, but next time I'll use cotton/acrylic rather than the 100% cotton.

The idea was very simple, I started with a magic ring with 6 sc, then did two sc in each for 12, and then a one-two for 18 to make the center. Then I did 3 dc in each, and then 2 dc in each for the last few rows to finish the ruffle.

Our kitties continue to take turns going to the vet. This time it was Casper with a foxtail in the eye (ouch!) He's doing much better now but is still squinty and requested no photography ;)

Mouse, however, is always happy to pose.

And here's a rare shot of Spook lounging in bed. She reminds me of a resting dragon in this pic.

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Rebecca Flys said...

Hi! I can't see your pics for some reason!

I LOVE to crochet and knit in the car. My favorite car project is a pot-holder. I make a row, however long I want the potholder to be wide, and crochet the line, then keep going around and around, essentially forming a pocket. When it is square, I turn it, and fold the edges over, kind of like a fortune and sew it up. I really like using crazy multicolored yarn for this project, and I like lining it up to make patterns as I go around. This makes a GREAT potholder. (o: Love your BLOG!!!

srl said...

We’ve enjoyed having quite a supply of hand-knit washcloths (actually, that's all we use). The 3-D one looks interesting (no special glasses needed!) — how well does it work?

CraftyRedhead said...

Rebecca: The pics have been having trouble lately. Hopefully the ones on this post show up now. Blogger has been flakey :( Thanks for the idea on the potholder, that sounds fun to make!

Steven: It doesn't work as well as I'd hoped... The shape works ok, though I would have added more increases to make it a little more poufy. I thought the 100% cotton was a little too thick, and it was hard to dry out and keep clean. Flat ones might work better.