Monday, February 22, 2010


What do you get when you mix gardening, recycling and origami?

Newspaper seed pots!

These are holding some more fruit seedlings, most likely apple. At least I marked one in the fridge, so I know it's a honeycrisp. The others will be a mystery!

I'm going to start making more for our vegetable garden soon. There are several different tutorials for making these, and when I find the link again I'll post it.

In other news, my apple tree is 1 year old this weekend! It's now living outdoors as long as we don't freeze.

It also has new friends in three Bosc pear seedlings.

< disclaimer >
These fruit seedlings are not being grown to full size for bearing fruit. The best way to propagate fruit trees is by grafting, I believe. This is a fun experiment, which I will likely train as bonsai in a few years.
< / disclaimer >
Just had to add that :)

Maybe in our grand landscaping plan we'll find room for a few more standard fruit trees. My orange is limping along, but it needs a fence so that the deer don't keep snacking on it.

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