Friday, January 22, 2010

The Continuing Sourdough Saga

Here's where I stop counting the loaves... That last one was very tasty by the way. It was a tad under done, but made a fabulous toast.

Now I want to start making it more than white bread, but not ready for whole wheat starter yet (maybe someday.) The coarse ground mini-loaf was ok but not perfect. It was tasty when cut into cubes and served with artichoke dip.

Now I'm trying a loaf with only 1/4 cup ww, ground in the blender again, but to a finer texture. So far it's a lovely dough, and seems to be rising well.

Maybe some day I'll be able to replace our $4.50/loaf grocery store multi-grain.

Since I'll be baking nearly weekly, there are a couple more thing I want to try.

- Sprouted wheat / other grains
- Multi-grain flour (look into a mill!)
- A small amount of grape nuts, soaked in milk first (I like muffins made this way)
- Brown rice ground into flour?

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Wyng'd Lyon Creations said...

I know you can do white rice as a flour,I don't see why you couldn't do brown rice. It would probably be more like wheat flour when all was said and done.