Saturday, November 8, 2014

Craft Faire and Knitting Machine

I did it! I brought my shop In The Redwoods to a craft faire for the first time.

The first day was POURING rain, and some of the vendors opted to stay home. It was cold, but I was working on a red scarf, so I wore it to keep warm while I crocheted the edges.

One of my most popular items was the neck cozies, and a lady bought one for her dog. Isn't it cute?? All in all, it was a good experience, and I'm excited to do more, and to get more things loaded to my etsy shop.

Then I got myself a tool that I've been wanting off and on for many years. A knitting machine!

I read a bunch of reviews, good and bad, and decided to start with low expectations. I probably wouldn't get it to work smoothly right away, right? Well, I've been taking my time getting to know the basics, and other than a couple hiccups, I LOVE it.

After the sample piece I made this red hat for H. It's a little big, and he likes to pull it over his face and thinks it's hilarious. He's such a ham.

Then I made a wool blend lap blanket for the car (on the machine at top.) It's a little smaller than I expected, but works great for a toddler. He loves it :) I crocheted a border around the edge. It's about 18-19 inches, and just one skein of yarn.

This is my experiment with stripes. He was too hyper and wouldn't stand still for a picture :)

I've also made a black wool beanie that was an attempt at adult size, which H has taken possession of, and then I tried some sock yarn with the smallest plate (smallest stitches.)

Unfortunately my attempts to put heavy weight yarn in haven't been as successful, but thankfully it's the smaller yarn that is harder for me to knit or crochet by hand.

Not too bad for three evenings and a morning of knitting. I'm looking at my yarn stash in a whole new light!

Eventually I'll get around to making sweaters with it, maybe.

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