Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello, Fall!

Apparently there's some debate as to whether today or yesterday was the first day of fall. Either way, the season of pumpkins, spices, and Halloween is definitely here now!

I made these lovely little flowers from coffee filters. They were so fun to make! I had some brown basket-style filters just sitting around because I use the cone style filters now

I used Kool-Aid to dye the filters. Mostly strawberry flavor, with some petals in black cherry. It was very easy, I just soaked them in cold water and Kool-Aid mix for about 15 minutes, squeezed them out (wear gloves!) and laid them on paper towels to dry. Whenever I play with Kool-Aid dye, I like to use Knitty's handy post as a color guide. I knew the brown paper wouldn't turn out exactly the same, but it helped to have a guide anyway. And the stems are dried grape vines from our property.

For putting the flowers together, I found this great video tutorial at Two Shades of Pink. Instead of masking tape, I used scotch tape (closest thing I could grab,) and in the end I was glad it was clear. I taped them to the twigs. If you look close enough you can see the tape, but it isn't too visible.

Little H really likes the grapes. Every time we walk by he says "pick it!" and wants to go eat them.

H's Grandma knit these little socks for him. I love the fall colors! He's pretty excited to wear them, too. Hoping we'll get some cooler weather soon so he can.

Happy fall! Enjoy the pumpkin everything :)

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