Saturday, November 10, 2012

Late Night Kool-Aid Dying

I have some wool yarn that I've been wanting to dye, so I dug out my kool-aid collection this evening.

To help me decide what colors I wanted, I looked at this handy reference chart over at Knitty. This was a great refresher on dying as well.

First I wound the wool into loose hanks around two chair backs (the cats were very interested in this step,) and then I washed it.

I had split it up into two sections, and I think I have enough for two knit scarves. I decided on doing them each with two colors in a striped pattern.

Here's the first batch just after I put it in. You can see the color is still very light.

After they'd heated up, I transferred the first one to bowls, as I only have a couple small pots.

Now you can see the purple getting darker, and the orange is very intense. I was going for fiery, after all.

I'll have to wait until tomorrow for the results. Now that the heat's off, I can go to bed and let it chill overnight.

I also got some sewing done today. I've been working on a blanket for our little one. The center squares are flannel, and the green border and dark brown backing are cotton.

Herbert loves it when I do laundry. He thinks the fresh blankets are just for him :)

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