Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bags for Market

I've been focused on making market bags lately. There are a couple color schemes floating around in my head, and eventually I want to get them up on my shop. However, this one I'm keeping for myself.

I seem to be drawn more to bright colors when I'm not feeling well. This one just feels so cheery, like it could be going to the beach just as well as the grocery store... And it's mostly reversible, but I like this little hint of stripes.

On my fabric shelves there is this large (but dwindling) stash of dark denim that I purchased for the lining of the cat bed couch I made a couple years back.

The arms and the "cushion" part each open up and are removable, so the cover is fully washable. I also intend to make a holiday cover for it, with red or green plaid and a hint of shiny, with matching catnip pillows.

But I'm getting off subject.

I bought too much of the denim, and so I've been using it for various projects. I have some of it lining a w.i.p. corset-like bodice with fuchsia satin, and I'll finish it if I ever find my favorite grommet tool...

Wait, I was talking about market bags! So I've been using this denim, since it's nice and heavy, if rather dull. The first time I tried putting designs on it, I laboriously cut out fancy designs from freezer paper, ironed them on, and sprayed bleach around them. Unfortunately the bleach solution wasn't strong enough, and didn't remove enough color.

I'm glad I didn't go with my first impulse to spend hours cutting out Celtic knots!

I grabbed a bleach pen and scribbled around the designs. It has words like Wholesome, Fresh, and Grow, along with hearts, stars and spirals.

That worked, but it came out really bold and slightly childish. I do want to give the freezer paper stencil another try.

Last night I had the brilliant idea to try a tie-dye technique with the bleach...

The jury's still out on this one. Again I had a hard time controlling the bleach strength, and I would've liked more variation.

I have two more ready to sew, as I didn't want to waste the washer space while bleaching them. Also, I'm still figuring out how to get ALL the bleach smell out... tried rinsing in vinegar, but it may just take time.

Meanwhile, the denim's almost gone, so it's time to turn to other fabric anyhow.

And I thought I wouldn't have much to post about today!

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Jen said...

LOVE the pink bag!! It's adorable!