Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 09

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. I know I did :)

I'd feel more accomplished if I had actually finished the kitchen cabinets. However, I did finish a couple other projects, so that made me happy. I made a roast chicken at the beginning of the weekend. Sunday I shredded the remaining chicken and made enchiladas, 2 1/2 dishes worth of them. Fortunately we had friends over to help us eat them. I got a little over-excited when buying the mega pack of tortillas, however. What was I to do with 16 extra tortillas?

Homemade frozen burritos, that's what!

Yum, they look good enough to eat now...

I threw in some refried beans (on sale!) cooked up some rice spiced with enchilada sauce, and topped it with cheese. Well wrapped in saran wrap, into the freezer they went, saved for a rainy day. (Or just a day that I don't feel like preparing lunches)

I was craving cinnamon rolls, so I pulled out my Fannie Farmer book to get a recipe. I didn't read far enough ahead, and discovered halfway into them that they weren't the same type that I'm used to. I improvised anyhow, and they came out alright. Still, I can think of ways to improve them next time.

I've been wanting to cook with whole wheat, but I don't have a mill yet. I read somewhere that you can grind it in the blender, so I tried that. It worked! It wasn't super-fine, but it was ok to cook with. I made the cinnamon rolls about 1/4 whole wheat to not make them too heavy.

I'll wrap up with some kitty cuteness =)

Marms, always moving and difficult to photograph.

Spook, blending in with the plants and yoga mats.

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