Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cooking Adventures

Last night I made something I found online and have been wanting to try: Mongolian Beef. It was tasty! And easy :) Now that I've made the recipe as it was, I'll try some modifications next time. One thing I want to try is substituting chicken, to cut down the high calorie count a bit. Then I think I'll cut the sugar by half. Should still be tasty, and would bring it to the low 500s rather than 700s per serving, minus rice. But the serving size is HUGE! 1lb beef for two people. Definitely filling also. I think I'd also only make half, and have another side dish.

All in all I was pleased with it though, and that I made a dish unlike anything I'd done before.

Tonight we wanted enchiladas, but didn't want to leave the house, and the only ingredient I was missing was the sauce. I could've run to the local market to buy their pre-made enchiladas (which are tasty but pricey), or I could've gone to pick up a can of sauce, but I decided to see if I could make it instead.

I was browsing on my iPhone, who's battery was rapidly dying, so I tried the first recipe I found. Also something I've never tried to make before. The sauce was very easy and fast, and I cooked up some chicken while doing it. Now the enchiladas are in the oven, and should be done any minute. I hope they're good!

On another topic: I've seen the Dangerous Book for Boys, and the Daring Book for Girls, but I found this parody the other day and picked it up. It's absolutely hilarious! Anyone who has cats should have a copy. I love the explanation for kitchen cabinets: It's a factory, where you feed it garbage, and cleaning products are made!

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